How to get into your dream college after class XII?

CUET Exam is now mandatory for admission to all UG courses offered by the central universities in India. Since the introduction of this exam, there are thousands of queries revolving around the concept CUET exam, specifically the strategy to crack this exam with a good score & get admission to the desired college.
Well, Smartkeeda is here to the rescue! Before delving deep into the strategy, let us first understand what the CUET exam is and why you need a test series to crack this exam.

What is CUET?

CUET, which stands for Common University Entrance Test is a national-level exam conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) for students seeking admission to various Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Diploma, Certification courses, and Research programmes.
This All India test provides a single window opportunity for the students to seek admission in the Participating Universities across the country. The scores of the CUET exam shall now be accepted by 90+ Central, State, Deemed, and Private universities.

I scored 95% in boards! Do I really need a mock test series to crack the CUET exam?

Definitely! First of all, you should understand that the concept of the CUET exam is way different from board exams. Not in terms of syllabus, they are different in terms of subjectivity. In board exams, you are required to use your own words to elaborate on your answers, while competitive exams like CUET are less process-oriented and more result oriented, and thus you need to be prepared for it differently.

A mock test series familiarizes you with the 3 most important elements of a competitive examination:
  • Speed: To answer 60 questions within 60 minutes, you must have a good speed. Smartkeeda tracks your speed per question with an inbuilt timer & defines the right amount of time required for a certain question.
  • Accuracy: Just having a good speed is not enough. Accuracy plays a key role in placing you ahead on the merit list. Smartkeeda displays your topic-wise accuracy in each test so that you can focus on the topics that require more attention.
  • Time management: Running out of time is the most frustrating thing during a competitive exam & that too when you find some easy questions floating in front of your eyes. Attempting CUET mock tests at Smartkeeda helps you manage your time well and follow a structured approach in the examination hall.

How CUET test series by Smartkeeda will give you an upper hand in clearing the CUET examination?

Over the course of time, the CUET exam has become highly competitive. Every year more than 10 lakh students appear for this examination.
CUET mock test series by Smartkeeda is carefully designed for thorough coverage of the CUET syllabus. The test series is equipped with personalized performance reports after each test that will help the students evaluate their performance and work on it for a better outcome.
Moreover, 10 years+ of a legacy of Smartkeeda in test preparation will also help the users get an edge over other aspirants in the CUET Exam.

Let us first understand the top 3 important reasons to choose the Smartkeeda test series for your CUET exam. Further, we will discuss the step-wise approach to crack the CUET exam using the Smartkeeda test series.

1.  Standard Examination Interface

Choosing the right examination interface is the foremost important part of your preparation. It makes you extremely confident in the examination hall.
CUET mock test series by Smartkeeda is a real-time simulation of the CUET Exam. This test series mimics the actual CUET examination interface and gives you an authentic examination experience.
2. Actual Examination Pattern

With a better understanding of the examination pattern, you can easily score well in any exam. CUET mock test series by Smartkeeda is meticulously designed as per the latest NTA guidelines.
Before designing a mock test for any subject, the content experts at Smartkeeda undergo in-depth research examining the syllabus and the pattern of the examination.
Apart from that, to make the aspirants aware of the revised pattern of the CUET exam and acquaint them with any changes introduced in it, the subject experts at Smartkeeda frequently update the questions as per requirement.
3. Largest & most updated question bank

CUET mock test series by Smartkeeda is a massive collection of the most updated questions based on the latest examination pattern for the CUET examination.
The test series contains 80+ subject-wise full-length mock tests, including Language tests, Domain knowledge tests, and General tests.
Moreover, Smartkeeda offers 300+ subject-specific short quizzes to quickly assess students’ progress.

Let us now take you through the strategy to clear this exam and how CUET mock test series by Smartkeeda will open the door to your dream college.

Step 1: Attempt a Mock Test

As soon as you’re done revising your syllabus, attempt a time-bound CUET mock test at While attempting a mock, keep the following point in mind:
  • Keep your phone, calculator, and other electronic devices away from your sight.
  • Attempt the complete mock in a go, do not take breaks in between.
  • Be attentive! Keep your room closed while attempting the test.
  • Refrain from guessing the answers & avoid penalty marking as far as possible.

Step 2: Analyze your Performance

This should be an immediate step after attempting the CUET mock test. After-test Analysis is extremely helpful in highlighting the areas that require the highest attention.

To analyze your performance thoroughly, click on the “Go to Smart Analytics” tab in the result window. Here, you’ll get a detailed overall, topic-wise, and section-wise analysis of your performance in terms of speed, accuracy, time distribution, strong and weak areas, and question preference. You will also get a question-wise breakdown of your performance that will uncover the major loopholes in your CUET exam preparation.

Look into the following areas while analyzing your CUET mock test performance:
  • Check the easier questions that you skipped and thus lost the opportunity to score higher.
  • Pinpoint the topics where you spent more than average time or made the most incorrect attempts
  • Check your question preference for Easy, Moderate, and Difficult topics.
  • Observe the time taken by the topper to answer the tricky questions and try to achieve that speed.
  • Find out the topics where your topic strength is poor and make a note of those topics.

Step 3: Flag your Weak Spots

After analyzing your performance, working on your weak areas would be the next step. After practicing the weak topics, you can take 2-3 short quizzes daily apart from a full-length test and observe your progress.
CUET Quizzes provided by Smartkeeda have several advantages over full-length assessments: They are quicker to execute, quicker to grade, & quicker to return with feedback.
Step 4: Reattempt!
After getting a good hold over the weak topics, Reattempt the questions that were marked incorrectly or skipped on the first attempt. In the Reattempt mode of the CUET mock test series by Smartkeeda:
  • Correct answers shall not be displayed.
  • A timer will run for each question.
  • After reattempting, you can instantly see your previous, current, and correct answer.
In this way, while rectifying the errors and reattempting the questions, you'll observe a steep increase in your score in each subject.
If you systematically follow these steps during your CUET preparation, you’ll definitely see a rise in your performance graph, and needless to say, getting into your dream college would be a cakewalk!
“Success isn’t overnight. It’s when every day you get a little better than the day before. It all adds up.”