Why CUET by Smartkeeda is the Best Test Series for your CUET exams?

CUET is a national-level examination conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) which is now mandatory for students seeking admission to Under-Graduate & Post-graduate Programmes in 90+ Central Universities and State and Private deemed Universities.

This year more than 20 lakh students are going to appear for this examination, therefore it is going to be highly competitive. However, deliberate practice through a good & pattern-based mock test series can surely help you get into your dream college.

Selecting a single good CUET mock test series that helps you clear your concepts, flag your weak spots and make you ready for your CUET exam is a battle in itself. There’s no dearth of online test series for CUET in the market but when it comes to choosing one, many students get confused.

cuet by smartkeeda mock test series

CUET mock test series by Smartkeeda is a massive collection of the most updated questions for the CUET exam based on the latest examination pattern for the CUET UG & CUET PG examinations. The test series contains 80+ subject-wise full-length CUET mock tests, including CUET geography test series, CUET psychology mock test, CUET accountancy mock test, CUET English mock test, CUET mock test for economics, CUET business studies mock test, CUET political science mock test, CUET general test mock test and much more.

Moreover, the CUET test series by Smartkeeda offers 300+ subject-specific short quizzes for the CUET exam in English as well as Hindi in each section curated by experienced subject matter experts to give a boost to your CUET exam preparation.

In this article, we are going to discuss the top features of the CUET mock test series by Smartkeeda that will help you understand why this test series can be considered the best test series for your CUET UG & CUET PG exams. But before that let us understand the features that you should look for in any CUET test series before purchasing it.

Any good test series for the CUET exam should:
  • Follow the examination pattern and syllabus prescribed for CUET 2024-25 examination.
  • Provide an in-depth analysis of your complete performance through a personalized report.
  • Provide CUET mock tests in Hindi as well as the English Language.
  • Display a topic-wise analysis of your strong and weak areas in each mock test.
  • Analyze your question preference according to the difficulty level of the questions.
  • Allow you to reattempt the questions that you left unattempted or marked incorrectly in the previous attempt.
  • Compare your performance with the top performers of the mock tests and should help you understand the approach followed by them to perform better than you.
  • Keep a track of your improvement with each mock test by comparing your current performance with the past performance.
  • Be able to provide you with an authentic examination experience.
The following are the key features of the CUET mock test series by Smartkeeda:
  1. Latest Examination Pattern
  2. Smart Analytics
  3. Performance graphs
  4. Strong Vs Weak areas
  5. Speed & Accuracy Analysis
  6. Time Distribution Charts
  7. Reattempt mode
  8. Standard Examination Interface

1. Latest Examination Pattern

cuet test series by smartkeeda

Getting familiar with the examination pattern is the first step to start preparing for the CUET examination. Therefore a CUET examination aspirant needs to practice with a CUET mock test series that follows the latest pattern. To help you prepare well for your CUET 2024-25, Smartkeeda CUET online test series is meticulously designed as per the latest examination guidelines with a revised pattern of questions.

Before designing a mock test for each exam, the CUET content experts undergo in-depth research examining the CUET syllabus and the pattern of the CUET examination to provide you with the best examination experience.

Apart from that, to make you aware of the revised pattern and acquaint you with the changes introduced in the CUET examination, the subject experts frequently update the CUET mock test series as per requirement.

2. Smart Analytics

If I score 80% marks on a CUET mock test, can I consider it to be a great performance? How do I determine whether this score is enough to get into my desired college or whether I need to perform better? This is exactly where you need Smart Analytics to analyze your performance. Detailed-Analysis of performance is extremely helpful to gauge the level of your preparation.

The “Smart Analytics” tab in the solution part of the Smartkeeda CUET Test series will give you a detailed overall, topic-wise, and section-wise analysis of your performance in terms of speed, accuracy, time spent, and question preference. It will also display a question-wise breakdown of your performance determining your strengths and weaknesses that will help you to find the major loopholes in your test preparation.

3. Performance Graphs

Graphs are more effective when quantitative information is to be decoded more quickly and easily by the observers. CUET mock test series by Smartkeeda prepares a personalized performance graph after each mock test based on percentile, accuracy, and topic strength to help you analyze your performance in well-structured formats, making it easier to interpret it.
cuet mock test series by smartkeeda

  • Accuracy: It basically displays the percentage of correct questions attempted by the student to the total number of questions attempted. Smartkeeda performance graph checks and records the overall accuracy and topic-wise accuracy. It helps the students point out and work on their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Percentile: It provides a graphical representation of the score of a student in comparison to other test takers. If you are a 95 percentile person, it means you scored more than 95% of the candidates who took the same test.
  • Topic strength: The data based on topic strength in each topic gives you an idea of how much you have improved yourself with each test in each topic. It motivates you to push yourself harder.

4. Strong Vs Weak Areas

This slot will display the question-wise breakdown of your performance in your CUET mock test. You can see the difficulty level of questions that appeared from that particular topic along with the question number, the score obtained by you in that topic, your accuracy, speed in that topic, and your topic strength.
cuet mock test series by smartkeeda

It displays how accurately and how quickly did you attempt those topics and in which areas you need to improve yourself in terms of speed or accuracy. It also displays your topic strength within each subject and your overall score for that particular topic which gives you an in-depth idea of your strengths and weaknesses that allows you to prepare for the next cuet assessment even better.

This way you can easily find the topics where your topic strength was Average and practice them individually to get a good hold over them.

5. Speed & Accuracy Analysis

Competitive examinations like CUET are quite different from your boards. To answer 60 questions in 60 minutes or 40 questions in 45 minutes, your speed & accuracy in the test play a key role. You need to answer the maximum number of questions accurately within the given timeframe to achieve a good percentile. And ultimately a good CUET percentile will get you a good college.

This slot analyses and displays your average speed in seconds through the test in two parts:
  • Topper Vs You: It compares your average speed and accuracy in that particular cuet mock test and overall speed and accuracy to the topper’s.
  • Your Past Vs You: It compares your average speed and accuracy in that particular cuet mock test and overall speed and accuracy to your past performance.

6. Time Distribution Charts

cuet mock test series by smartkeeda

It closely monitors the amount of time you spent on the questions correctly/incorrectly marked by you and on the ones you left unattempted. Through this, you can understand the topics where you can save time to maximize your attempts.

In this slot, you will also be able to see the amount of time spent by the topper on each type of question and the time management strategy of the topper to score better than you.

7. Reattempt mode:

Almost everyone can name the man that invented the light bulb. In response to a question about his failures, Edison once said, “I have not failed 10,000 times—I’ve successfully found 10,000 ways that will not work.”

Mistakes are important. When you commit mistakes, you learn the techniques or methods that do not work.
cuet mock test series by smartkeeda
In the reattempt mode of the CUET mock test series by Smartkeeda, you can attempt the questions of the same mock test with better techniques and score better in the same mock. In this mode, your incorrect answers will not be displayed and hence you will get another chance to re-attempt the questions that you either skipped or attempted incorrectly on your first attempt.

8. Standard Examination Interface

cuet mock test series by smartkeeda

While purchasing any test series, getting an authentic examination experience is the key purpose for most students. The standard examination interface in any test series helps you become more confident while taking an exam.  Therefore a good CUET mock test series should mimic the actual examination interface. It should create an environment such that the students may feel like he/she is actually sitting in an examination hall. 

CUET mock test series by Smartkeeda is meticulously designed keeping in mind the CUET examination interface so that the mock tests train the student’s mind for the actual examination and ensure that they're on the path to success. To help you wisely choose the best test series for your cuet exam, CUET by Smartkeeda provides you with your first cuet mock test for free.

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Having discussed the important features that the Smartkeeda CUET online test series offers, now it's your chance to make the right move to select the right test series & get your desired course in a prestigious college.

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